BrainBonus Fibre(spiced)


BrainBonus Fibre(spiced)

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A healthy beverage for adults consumed for its unique health benefit, in weight control, better liver /heart functioning and regulation of stress Content; soy seed, cinnamon powder, ginger extract, flavor


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Product Description

This product is formulated for use in porridges, pap, custard, cornflakes etc  it aids adequate bowl movement. Best for adults who find it hard to sleep. Is best taken early hours of the morning all early ours of the evening. Improve remembrance (IQ) making it a must have for aging people. Best taken with honey.  Note that it may sustain you for along time before you begin to feel hungry again (increased satiety)

  • Spiced with medicinal spices
  • Best for controlling weight
  • Reduces stress and menopausal symptoms
  • Reduce risk of heart related disease
  • Improves mental capacity
  • Enhances fetal Development



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