Brainbonus as a result of its nutritional ingredients of formulation is known to be beneficial to the following;

  • Liver: required for normal functioning of liver
  • Cell Membranes: provide structural integrity of cell membranes
  • Development of the foetus: has been shown to be important in brain development. preclinical evidence shows that increased maternal choline¬† helps promote memory in offspring
  • Memory and Cognitive (adult and Children): plays a role in brain development and higher levels in pregnant women may help promote development

NB: Because of the possible negative health risk associated with choline deficiency, adequate intake of choline is needed throughout life in order to have optimal health in certain Food Drug Administration’s (FDA) Daily Recommended Value as contained in brainbonus


  • rapid GROWTH due to high protein content
  • Strong BONES due to enhanced calcium &iron content
  • Retentive MEMORY due to choline contained in lecithin
  • Increased SATIETY due to fiber content
  • Reduces the risk of heart related issues


  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease- due to high soy protein, low saturated fat and cholesterol according FDA
  • Improves Mental Performance – due to presence of tyrosine, iron vitamin A, Arginine, thiamin & Hestidin
  • Enhances Body Functions – due calcium, vitamin B,C D,K & Folate
  • Increases SATIETY thereby helping to watch body weight

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